Terms & Conditions

Check in time for cabins: 2:00 PM Check out time for cabins: 9:00 AM

Visitor Policy

Please notify us of any visitors before they arrive. Visitors will be charged $10 per person per day. Visitors must leave premises by 10:00 PM.


Space is limited, so parking is limited to 2 vehicles per cabin or campsite.  Extra fees will apply to each site or cabin per day for extra vehicles.

Down payment

$200 per cabin is required to secure your reservation.  Your reservation will be held for 7 days pending receipt of your deposit. The deposit is non refundable unless the cabin is rented to someone else.  If you cancel your reservation within 45 days of your time to arrive, the full cabin rate will be charged to you.  If you cancel your reservation more than 45 days of your arrival time, you will not be charged the full rate, just the $200 deposit will be charged to you.


All cabins should be left in a reasonably clean condition and free from damages.  We do not do dishes, etc. or return them to another cabin.  This is the renter's responsibility to return items to the proper cabins where they came from.  There may be a charge to your account for damages or unacceptable level of cleanliness.


There will be $50 charge per pet per cabin per week. You must clean up after them. Any damages caused by pets will be a fee for repair or extra cleaning of cabin or area around cabin.


Please clean out your boat or pontoon rental upon departure.

Quiet time

10:00 PM - no loud music, or language. Please take indoors. No basketball.